Computershare Salaryextras
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A valuable tool for valuable benefits

Our market-leading platform makes things easy for you and your employees.

Our platform is flexible. We can create it to perfectly suit your needs.

Our fixed price, entry level product gives you:

  • Salary Extras platform technology
  • An employee benefits website, with your logo
  • Our communications tool – so you can give your employees information and updates from one place, a document centre, and a calendar
  • A range of popular employee-funded employee benefits: bikes, childcare, technology (computers and/or mobiles), health cash plan
  • Health and wellbeing benefits: employee assistance programme (EAP), money advice, healthy living pages
  • Plus a static content module of your choice (often used for your company pension)

After something fully bespoke? Or a full flex solution? We can make it for you.

We create it all in house, so you can choose the benefits (and the way it looks) which suit you and your employees best.

Plus, our real-time Management Information system helps you demonstrate Return on Investment (ROI) and provides everything that your HR and payroll teams need.

Market-leading technology – developed in-house, your platform’s sophisticated and intuitive – and fully supported by our expert team

Flexible and measurable – you can launch a full benefits package from the start, or build it as you go based on the results you’re getting

Separate modules - from a simple Type A Optional Remuneration Arrangement (OPRA)/salary sacrifice scheme to a comprehensive package covering voluntary benefits and employee comms, you can add in modules to create what you need

100% tailored – you decide when schemes go live and how many enrolment windows you want

Time-saving – everything from enrolments to salary sacrifice info is in one place – making your admin and payroll faster and easier

Choice of branding – from a simple logo to the entire look and feel, you can make your platform as much of an extension of your brand as you want it to be

Valuable to you

  • Simple and intuitive – keeping admin time right down
  • Shows all your benefits in one place
  • 100% built for you – completely flexible, made the way you want it
  • Fully bespoke, and branded so it looks and feels like you
  • Split into modules so you can mix and match your benefits
  • Communications tool allows you to engage and educate in one
  • Your own set of marketing materials to engage your employees
  • Built-in reporting so you can measure results and keep tailoring what you offer
  • Shows you applications as they happen, so you can approve them straight away
  • Supported by our in-house team, and your own dedicated account manager, to help you really make the most of it
  • Can be accessed any time from any device
  • It’s cost effective, with no service charges or hidden costs

Valuable to your employees

  • Applying for and choosing their benefits is simple, fast and easy
  • There’s a wide range of benefits they can choose from, offering real value
  • A simple online platform to manage and view their benefits at work or at home
  • Shows all their benefits in one place – even those from other companies
  • Total Rewards Statements so they can see the full worth of their package
  • ‘At a glance’ savings totals every time they log on
  • Holds all the info on the schemes they’ve picked
  • Lets them into their account from any device, at home or at work
  • Supported by our in-house team, who are always ready to help