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Salary Sacrifice

Optional Remuneration Arrangements (‘OPRA’), which came into effect in April 2017, introduces the concept of Type A and Type B arrangements. Type A is effectively the same as the traditional method of salary sacrifice, giving up salary for a benefit. Type B, however, revolves around employees being offered a benefit or the cash alternative. A Type A OPRA/salary sacrifice scheme is quite simple; your employee gives up part of their gross salary in return for a non-cash benefit. It can help your staff feel really valued, as well as help them save money too.

With our bikes, childcare and holiday trading schemes, you can make significant savings on your Employer's National Insurance contributions too.

Voluntary Benefits

A voluntary benefit sees your employees pay for goods and services either directly, or as a deduction from their net pay.

Retail discounts are extremely popular with employees and whether it's weekly shop, cinema tickets or the latest gadgets, your employee can make amazing savings every day.

We also offer additional schemes including cash plans, employer loans and a discounted will-writing service.

Health and wellbeing

Fit, healthy, and motivated employees are key to your success. Poor health in the workplace will not only affect your employees' ability to do their job, but will also affect your business productivity and effectiveness.

Health and wellbeing is all about supporting your employees through the day-to-day challenges we all face at one time or another.

If you'd like to know more, just use the side-bar menu to navigate through the different employee benefits we offer, including three different options for our Discounts scheme.